Haunt meets… Cheek LDN

The latest in our series of creative profiles focusses on designer Charlotte Yamada aka Cheek LDN.

We talk Minnie Mouse, London life and inspiration.

Clothing by Cheek LDN
Interview by Emily Beard

Portrait by Pun Sarasas

Hi Charlotte! Tell us a little about yourself for those who are unfamiliar.
I am the creative director of London-based brand, CHEEKLDN!

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How did you first get into design? Do you remember the first thing you made?
For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been drawing and colouring, especially in Barbie colouring books!

How do you come up with the concepts/inspirations for your collections?
My inspiration comes from all over through travelling, pop culture, and sometimes the next collections are extensions and new tangents from the previous collection.

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Would you say living in London has an influence on your work at all?
Most definitely. London has a very unique creative energy about it. I think there’s more creative freedom in London and it’s really ahead of it’s time.

We meet you for a day out in London, where do we go?
We’d get lunch at Janetira in Soho! I love Thai food!

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Whose work do you enjoy/find inspiring?
I’m always inspired by Charlotte Rutherford’s work! I love the world she creates in her direction & photography. It’s just the best!

Your lookbooks are always amazing and very visually striking, what is your favourite shoot you’ve done?
My favourite shoot by far is the “Cupid’s World” lookbook shot by the incredible Charlotte Rutherford. It was shot in sunny California! A perfect backdrop to my collection.

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Do you have a muse of character you refer to for inspiration?
I always refer to Dionne from Clueless, Wednesday Addams, and Rome & Michele!

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If you could design an outfit for anyone, who would it be?
I’d love to design an outfit for Minnie Mouse! haha

And finally do you have any advice/mantra you live by?
Rev Run’s “be kind, be kind, be kind” !!!


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