Haunt meets… Anne Sophie Costa

The latest in our series of creative profiles focusses on make up artist Anne Sophie Costa.

We meet the beauty extraordinaire whose inspiring approach makes our beauty dreams a reality.
We talk the little mermaid, graphic design and dreaming.

Make Up & imagery by Anne Sophie Costa
Interview by Emily Beard

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Self portrait by Anne Sophie Costa

Hi Anne Sophie! Tell us a little about yourself for anyone who is not familiar?

Hi, I am a make up artist for almost 8 years now. I have started my career in Lisbon -Portugal, which is where I am from. I also have a degree in graphic design, which I finished both courses at the same time. And felt the make-up world keep calling me and really trusted my work. So I though: if the sky give you lemons learn how to do a lemonade. So I learned more and more about make up and try everyday how to be better on it.

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Would you say your Portuguese roots influence the way you approach your work?

I don’t think so, but definitely my graphic design degree, as it gave me a lot of visual culture and another way to approach creativity. More freedom. More inspirational.

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Ph: Piczo for Jalouse

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And tell us about ‘Ariel Noom’ what is it and how did it come about?

Ah my ariel noom is a heteronym that I had created for myself in order to still doing my design/ illustration work while make up artist.
I used to be a stencil artist back in Portugal and we normally use a tag for it. Which I had was efeitomagenta. But I wanted an English – and new one, so I created ariel noom.
Ariel noom is a very concepted name that I found to my self for a lot of reasons.

Firstly, from loving the name Ariel, little mermaid is definitely my favourite Disney movie.
Also for my interpretation from the movie is no matter what I will make my dreams come true, like her example the witch took her voice and she got legs than she could marry the prince anyway. Even with out her voice. She made it happen.
‘Noom’ because it’s moon backwards as I am a very moon person. Very sensitive. And Ariel is also the fourth-largest of the 27 known moons of Uranus. So the whole name gets almost one.

And also because I had really long hair and always wanted to be a mermaid. 😉

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We love how your instagram and visuals are very curated! Do you think you have a different approach to make up given your graphic design past?

Definitely my graphic design gave me a lot of visual culture and another way to approach creativity. More freedom. More inspirational.
Also That was the purpose I get in to make up. To try to combine both.

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Who are you favourite make up artists/creatives?

Pat McGrath. She’s just amazing. But in fact, I feel more inspired by paintings and stuff by other artists. Illustrations, colours, art, shapes.

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Do you prefer working on editorial shoots or for live events such as fashion week?

Editorials. I have more freedom. Only if I have my only show than can be very very fun!

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Are there any shoot essentials you always need to have in your kit?

Yes, skin care. Can’t live with out it!

Ph: Piczo for Jalouse

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What are your favourite products for yourself?

Face oils. Tom ford shade and iluminate. Chanel cream blush. And my sparkly eyeshadows!

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Do you have a favourite shoot/job you’ve worked on?

I think the two of them involve celebrity but because I am such a a fan of Kim Gordon and Roisin Murphy, when I did make up to both my hand was pretty much shaking!

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Ph: Wai Lin Tse for Lula Japan

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Who would be your dream client to work on/with?

Celine. Miu miu.

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Ph: Masha Mel for USED

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And finally, what advice do you live by?

Dream, because when you dream your dreams come true.
Keep improving your self always!


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