Haunt meets… Gabriela Mendez

The latest in our series of creative profiles focusses on photographer Gabriela Mendez.

Photography by Gabriela Mendez
Interview by Emily Beard

Hey Gaby! Tell us a little about you and your work for anyone who is not familiar.
I’m 18 years old from Miami and have been doing photography for 4 years my work mainly consists of a combination of colors and props like flowers or just random items it always feels weird to describe yourself lol

Do you remember taking your first photograph?
Honestly no like my first real photo with my camera nope my work was complete different back then I can’t really remember what I took probably a family photo

Your use of colour throughout your work is so vivid, was this a conscious decision or something that just happened naturally when you developed your style?
It just happened naturally when I started my work just consisted of just my friends doing stupid things just living life I slowly started to develop a style without noticing

Would you say living in Miami has an influence on your work at all? How is it living there compared to where you grew up (if you didn’t grow up there)?
It has influenced my work entirely,Miami is colorful all over I drive around and look for which colored wall to work with.I don’t think my work world have become like this if I had grown up elsewhere

We meet you for a day out in Miami, where do we go?
We would go to south beach or the area around 85th the houses in that area are always colorful

Whose work do you enjoy/find inspiring?
Johny Yuyi,ren hang,maya french all of their styles are so unique and abstract I want my work to be like that to be different

Do you have a muse of character you refer to for inspiration?
A muse huh? well the majority of artist tend to have one I’m not in that majority lol I’m constantly getting new muses for a short period of time,color is what I would say is my consistent “muse”

If you had to describe you work to someone who couldn’t see it, what would you say?
There is a bunch of colors a pink background green hair a lollipop,theres so much use of props and colors its unique

Who has been your favourite person to photograph/your favourite shoot you’ve done?
Thats a hard one now at the moment my favorite shoot I would say would be the one with Teena Selvam in the yellow bath with the butterfly I loved how her skin popped out with the colors,my favorite person that I’ve ever shoot would be Joan kim (glazytown) she’s so unique looking and is unlike anyone I’ve ever shot.

If you could photograph anyone, alive or otherwise, who would you pick?
Honestly I got no clue um haha theres so many models in the industry I want the opportunity to shoot with one day I can’t think of one specifically

Gabriela Mendez

And finally do you have any advice/mantra you live by?
My advice to me is just go with flow take whatever the universe gives me and work with it


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