Haunt meets… Rachel Louise Hodgson

The latest in our series of creative profiles focusses on photographer and illustrator Rachel Louise Hodgson.

We talk Frida Kahlo, Brighton and the internet.

Photography/Illustration by Rachel Louise Hodgson
Interview by Emily Beard

Self portrait by Rachel Louise Hodgson

Hi Rachel! Tell us a little about yourself for those who aren’t familiar.
I’m a 24 year old female currently living in Brighton, England.
I graduated 2 years ago from London college of Fashion with a BA in fashion photography. Since then I have been working for rookie mag and doing other odd jobs. Mostly still sitting at my desk and drawing though.

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Do you remember taking your first photograph?
Not exactly but I would borrow the family camera a lot as a kid, I thought it was fun to take pics. My parents bought me my own camera for christmas when i was around 8 years old cos I was so keen. Me and my older sister would gather all our barbies and my little ponies and take pictures of us with them, or I would make cousins and friends dress up in costumes so I could take pictures.


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Your signature style of drawing/photography is so distinctive! How was it that you came to the style you have now?
During A level photography at college I started experimenting with painting on my dark room prints. I enjoyed working in the darkroom a lot and how you could physically manipulate the images, rather then digitally on photoshop, it was more tactile.

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Since you’re living in Brighton, if we went for a day out to Brighton with you, where would we go?
We would go to the pier and get donuts and ice cream and sit on the deck chairs looking out at the sea.

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Whose work do you enjoy/find inspiring?
Frida Kahlo is always inspiring in her painting and her personal style/attitude. I also watched the 1966 film Daisies the other day, which I felt echoed a lot of themes and aesthetics that I have in my own work.

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Who has been your favourite person to photograph/your favourite shoot you’ve done?
I like meeting new people to photograph, usually through the internet. I have made a lot of friends through initially contacting them over the internet to model for me.

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If you could photograph anyone, alive or otherwise, who would you pick?
Frida Kahlo




And finally do you have any advice/mantra you live by?


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